Modern plots near the house are more often used for recreation than for growing crops. A separate barbecue area, a paved area, and a small pond are great options for your patio. The flowering plants around will complement the attractive look of the seating area. Trends in landscape design offer interesting options for creating a patio at the cottage.


A proper plan is a key to success when setting up a patio. Even if the patio takes up a small part of the garden, it is important to think about a comfortable layout from the beginning and decide on the atmosphere you want to create.

First, choose a location for the seating area. Do you prefer to relax in the sun or in the shade? Then determine if you need a pathway to the barn or the back door of the house.

Next, decide where you will put flower beds. Flowerbeds and flower beds play an important role – they absorb rainwater. Also, a stone garden can be too hot in the summer. Don’t forget to appreciate the view of the garden from your living room window.

Decide what you would like to admire – beautiful plants, water features or a picturesque fireplace.

If you need to arrange a small yard, you can occupy its entire territory under the patio

Choosing a location for a patio

When thinking about creating a patio on the property, you need to choose the right location for it. An outdoor patio attached to the house can be different sizes, depending on the owners’ preferences. Arranging the patio in the country house next to the residential building, you should take into account several nuances:

The seating area should be mostly on the sunny side. Then, even in autumn, you can warm up on warm days, comfortably settled in an armchair.

If the house has access to the backyard, then the recreation area is better to think of this place. Gathering in the evening for dinner with the family, the household will be easier to set the table.

If you want to build a corner for recreation away from the house, then it is worth thinking about decorating the surrounding area. In any case, the patio is located in the open air, inaccessible to nosy neighbors. It is also worth taking care to protect the seating area. Over an area where the patio is located, erect a shelter from the sun and rain, for example, use awnings. A summer canopy of thick fabric will save guests and owners from the scorching heat.

Patio elements

Setting up a patio in the country house is a creative process. Just imagine how many bold ideas you can implement on your plot. You can find ready-made photos of patio projects in available sources. Indispensable elements of the recreation area:

  • paved area
  • barbecue area
  • site landscaping

The area, which is designed for the patio, can be made of different materials: paving tiles, hardwood flooring, natural stone. Along the perimeter of the recreation area have elements of lighting.

Furniture can be made by hand, transforming old unsightly chairs. Lovers of modern furniture, you can pick up wicker chairs, which go well with the wooden table. The barbecue area is usually located in a separate place, at the side of the central part of the site.

The landscaping of the surrounding area will hide the seating area from view. Dwarf shrubs alternating with carved arches with plants creeping along are a great landscaping option.

Creating a canopy

The main element of a patio is the creation of a canopy. To prevent the sun from scorching your shoulders, and the seating area harmonized with the facade of the house, it is worth considering a pergola or awning. The differences and advantages we will consider below.

A pergola is a wooden or aluminum frame, which will shelter from the hot sun. If the patio is located in the yard, then choose a model with a freestanding structure. The presence of sliding slats allows you to regulate the flow of sunlight.

If you need to arrange a recreation area near the house, it is easier to install a cloth awning on the wall of the house. A reliable frame will protect the patio from weather conditions, resistant to gusts of wind.

Creating a secluded spot in a shady seating area is a great option for leisure activities. Canopied structures will help you completely relax. Enjoy an evening meal in any weather.

Backyard design tips

If the plot is small, surrounded on all sides by neighbors, then the patio can be divided into several zones: a free area and semi-enclosed. In the place of the open space install a fireplace or oven for cooking. The semi-enclosed area contains furniture for evening gatherings.

Here are some manufacturers’ pages of products for your patio or backyard:

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What other details should be considered:

  • It is better to choose a location for a patio on a slope. Then rainwater will not accumulate on the flat surface.
  • Lighting is an essential part of a patio arrangement. If there is a pergola over the seating area, then you can think about an elegant chandelier. But most often prefer to use a few lights, located along the perimeter.
  • If there will be a swimming pool nearby, a water filtration system should be installed. In this case, the water will not turn green during hot days. A retractable canopy will get rid of the sun’s rays and the water will stay cooler longer.
  • Flowering plants that blend in with the overall exterior of the patio will create a pleasant aroma all around and a relaxing atmosphere.

Having arranged the patio, we can safely say that the area near the house is intended not only for work, but also for relaxation. After a day of work it is nice to be in your “paradise” corner, listening to birds singing. And how nice to get together on weekends with friends to roast barbecue and chat under a beautiful pergola!

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