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It’s hard to argue with the fact that the fire not only warms but also creates a special atmosphere, pacifies. At the fireplace it is pleasant to gather in the evening with friends and family, cook barbecue or bake fragrant potatoes. It is indispensable and for standard gardening chores, whether it is the disposal of cut branches, weeds, or leaves with the onset of autumn.

Be that as it may, a backyard fire pit is really necessary, so we will look at the options for its arrangement and the possibility of building it with your own hands.

What is a fire pit?

In simple terms – it is a hole in the ground, encased in stone or fire bricks. In fact, it can be made of anything, the essence is the same – the pit with the walls that the fire had an opportunity to flare up and not to die out from wind gusts.

Such a structure can be an above-ground type, it all depends on the design and approach to the matter, but the design of the fireplace remains the same.

The fireplace can be not only round or square. Its shape can be anything – as long as it suits the overall ambience of the area. However, as practice shows, it is the round form of such a fireplace is the most convenient in service and use.

Bonfire in the landscape design – is an interesting and practical design move, which helps not only to ennoble the area but also to solve the problem of disposal of garbage, mainly vegetables.

Choice of location

backyard fire place

One of the main aspects in this case – the right choice of location and compliance with fire regulations.

  • Braziers, fireplaces, hearths, and other constructions, the operation of which is connected with an open flame, should be built at least 10 m away from wooden buildings. Such structures include barns, fences, cattle pens, and dwellings.
  • Also, make sure that the chosen site is windless. To maximize comfort, it is recommended that the fire pit be accompanied by an area with appropriate cover (gravel, pebbles, decorative tiles, etc.) and comfortable benches. The seating can be stationary, and comfortable garden furniture can also be installed in this place, which will bring even more comfort to the surroundings.
  • The fireplace in the cottage should be built on an elevated site. To protect backyard fire pits from storms and meltwater, you should consider the arrangement of a drainage system. Drainage is also needed to keep the area surrounding the outdoor hearth at the cottage dry.
  • The most practical and convenient in operation is considered a round hearth. In it, the wood burns completely and evenly, creating a constant steady heat. The absence of corners prevents the accumulation of dirt and the development of mold.
  • Starting to build a fireplace or barbecue with your own hands, you need to make sure that there are no communications under and over these structures. You should not build a garden hearth near large trees. Their roots can destroy the masonry, and the leaves will catch fire under the influence of an open flame.
  • If it is planned to install the hearth in a gazebo, its floor, walls, and roof should be made of non-combustible materials. This can be tiles and steel panels. A gazebo with a fireplace in the center looks exotic and unusual, but it is necessary to think carefully about smoke extraction.

DIY fire pit

It is not as difficult as it may seem. Even a beginner can cope with this task. In general, you can take the easiest way and make a fireplace with your own hands from an iron barrel. This work will take you one day, and you will be able to use the fireplace the next evening.

The fireplace from a barrel

barrel fireplace

  1. The surface of the ground is leveled and thoroughly tamped. Very often it is necessary to remove a layer of earth (about 30 cm).
  2. Dig a hole in the ground, according to the size and shape of the barrel.
  3. The barrel is cut off the top and bottom (to get a metal ring), then it is installed in the prepared pit.
  4. At the bottom of the poured crushed stone, pebbles, or gravel, about 20 cm layer.
  5. The distance between the sides of the barrel and the edges of the pit is also filled with crushed stone.
  6. On top of the rubble, you can pour concrete, and the surrounding ground is paved with decorative stones, pebbles, or paving slabs.

If such a fire pit will be located on a small elevation, the protruding part can be beautifully surrounded by fire bricks. You can use standard cement mortar, or you can buy a ready-made brick or stone masonry mixture in the building department.

Brick fire pit

brick firepit

A fire pit made of bricks is arranged according to a similar pattern:

  1. Prepares the place: the top layer of soil is removed (about 20-30 cm), the whole working area is tamped down.
  2. A hole is dug, the depth of which is 50-60 cm.
  3. The sides of the pit are lined with bricks, they are placed vertically. For a denser shrinkage, do not forget to tap each brick with a hammer.
  4. At the bottom of the pit poured gravel or gravel of large fractions, about 20 cm layer.
  5. The gaps between the bricks can be filled with fire clay.
  6. The frame of the fire pit can be made of similar bricks or other suitable materials.

Fire pit design options

Concrete blocks, which can easily be replaced with paving tiles or cobblestones, are considered the optimal, simple, and beautiful material. Such a design is fastened thanks to a mortar, with refractory additives. For natural stones, clay oven mortar is used.

The area around the fireplace should be free in a radius of 90 cm. to protect against sparks. A double ring of corrugated steel does not lose its demand in the arrangement of hearths. The bonding material is a self-tapping screw.

Furniture or benches should be placed at least one meter from the fire source.

fire pit area

The area around the fire is laid out in the shape of a solar circle. A stone of a different shade depicts the rays. Such a creative and original approach has generated a lot of ideas for decorating the fireplace. A place to rest with the fire gives a variety of appearances: a moon crater, a gemstone, an outdoor fireplace, etc.

An exclusive hearth of the original shape is created depending on the overall style of the homestead plot. Adherents of the natural style choose huge stone boulders to decorate the fireplace.

Next to such a fire feels the primordial power and splendor of the elements. A textured contrast, for the same classic landscape treatment, will create the design of the fire pit with a garden wall of stone.

Helpful pages:

The hearth does not have to be a wood-burning fire. A gas flame can easily replace the fire of logs. In the arrangement of the technical part it is more complicated, but in operation is easier.

Choosing a non-standard shape, such as elongated, and accurately thinking through the scheme of paving can create a spectacular composition for the art Noumea style. In the daytime, such a flame is not visible, but in the dark, it transforms the site, completely changing its usual atmosphere.

With the help of the site for the fireplace, it is convenient to divide the private area into zones. The location of such a site is noticeably lower if you compare it with its neighbors. This safety measure is originally played up in relief and design in general. On a flat surface part of the land is removed.

To summarize

To build a hearth for a fire on your own homestead plot, without resorting to the services of specialists, is quite realistic. The main thing – a competent selection of materials, a serious attitude to the task, as well as the choice of a suitable place where the fireplace will be located.

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